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So, you’ve received a new Request to Bid or Invitation to Tender.

Are you ready to take on this new challenge?
Request to Tender, Request To Bid - how?


If you don’t know where or how to start, there’s help just around the corner.
Tender Help


OK, this step is about determining what you need to do to win the bid. 

What does this mean to you?
Win Strategy Tenders Bids Proposals


You're close to the end and need to complete on time.

How your bid is written is essential to winning - have you got what it takes?
Tender Help Perth WA

Review and polish your bid

You’re almost at the end – keep going!

Now, what should your tender response look like?  Any pointers?
Tender Writers Perth WA


You’re done? Congratulations! Now make sure you get it in on time.

What tasks remain now it is in?
Bids and Proposals Perth WA


Do you win more than 6 out of 10?

If you need to win, or if you need to keep on winning, you would benefit from professional advice.
Tender Bid Proposals Win Perth

Writing Great Tenders: It's What We Do

Whether you need a little or a lot, we're here to help

Tender Strategy

The most important stage of a tender, which is the stage most people skip, is the up-front planning and strategy development.

We love helping our clients win - it all starts with your Strategy.

Train your Sales Team in capturing pre-tender opportunities and intelligence

Find out what is important to know before the tender is released
Help you plan your next incoming tender, from start to finish.

What pricing strategy works best?
What should your unique selling proposition be?
Provide coaching in Strategy Development with hands-on support until your team is confident

We are right behind you every step of the way
Would you like to know more?  Call us for a chat!

Tender Writing

Our personal touch is your advantage

Getting your proposal or bid read and your value-proposition understood is the single most important part of winning. Don’t leave writing your bids for future income in amateur hands.

We work across all industries and in any location.  Wherever you are, we'll be there too.

It's hard to succinctly say what we can do for you (because we can do anything within reason), but here are our guiding principles:

We keep your intellectual property safe, quarantined and secure
We make your message and value proposition clear, unambiguous and persuasive
We give you the best chance you will ever have to win
We make it happen, even when deadlines are tight!
Get peace of mind - call us today!

Bid Management

We make it easy - from start to finish

Need someone to pull your bid together and manage all the inputs?
We can provide professional bid management to help you get a quality bid in on time.

Give us what we need to get started and we will work our magic - we'll come to you often for clarification.
We'll have it ready in time to submit. Read through our work and you'll be surprised at the quality we produce.
Ask about our 'ROCKS TO DIAMONDS'
full service package
Find out more
Call us to get started! 

Polish Your Tender Response

Make your bid look as professional as possible

You have got this far, but now are you sure you have put your best foot forward? Remember, readability is the most important component of scoring well during the evaluation, after content.

We apply these features to every document we produce:


A professional document contains no spelling or grammatical errors and is correctly annotated.

A convincing document is easy to read, free of 'buzzwords' and can be understood by the average reader. 

A compliant document addresses all requested elements.

A persuasive document allows the content to speak for itself, without unnecessary 'fluff' or dressing.

A complete document 
has a clear win theme and is able to clearly articulate your business goals.
= WIN!
Expert advice is only a phone call away!


Use a business that leads the way, not one that follows
Each of the people below are happy to be contacted: please ask us and we'll arrange it.
We are a national injury management provider which has been operational since 1995. Throughout our years of trading, the process of submitting and/or applying for tenders has been overwhelming and also had greatly impacted on the daily running of the business. We have never had a positive experience with external tender providers and therefore at times have not applied and potentially missed good opportunities. I found BidBuddy via an internet search in a desperate attempt to find a suitable partner. I made contact because I was drawn to the name and the website offered what we
were so desperately searching for.  

Sue immediately responded to our inquiry and after a few telephone conversations we engaged her and the team to assist with a new tender. We were initially sceptical as they were not located in our State nor
had they direct experience with our industry. They were very quick to get across our industry and our business and we thoroughly enjoyed working with

Since that first contact some 4 weeks ago, we have engaged Sue and the team for 3 tenders. Our experience of the team is
competent, organised, and they calmly planned and wrote our tenders, demonstrating our organisation in its best light. No matter what the outcome, I am confident for the first time in the history of this business, we have submitted quality tenders and  this new relationship with
BidBuddy will transform our business.
- SANDRA D, Managing Director
Sue at BidBuddy has done my tenders for many years. In that time we have improved our tender strike rate greatly. Sue’s ability to turn your tender submission into the story of what your business is about is paramount to your success.
Getting BidBuddy to do my tenders is an easy solution to  a potential time problem which otherwise impacts on the day-to-day running of my business. 
- Paul HARRISON, Managing Director
logistics company
When calling past clients prospecting for work, one of them invited us to bid for a large design & construct job that they had out in the market. Unfortunately this was Wednesday and it was due the following Monday - with no possibility of an extension.

The short time frame, coupled with the fact that we had never tendered for work of this size and complexity before, presented us with a problem of how to prepare a quality bid in time. We had
neither the skills nor collateral to pull this off.

Sue and her team from Bidbuddy stepped into the breach and worked tirelessly over the weekend  to produce a very high-quality proposal that got us shortlisted. We have now just received confirmation that we have been awarded the work. We are very happy and will definitely make use of their services again in future.
- dave mENEY, principal
engineering design company
We have been in business for 34+ years. In 2009 we made a decision to expand and start responding to government tenders with little success. This is where Sue and her team got involved. With Sue’s experience in government procurement, knowledge of the “hidden question” behind the questions asked in the Request Documents, we have won most of the government tenders we’ve been submitting responses for.

Sue and her team is efficient and professional, delivering quality documents and support to a standard that constantly meets or exceeds our expectations. One of the biggest advantages for
us is that our day to day business is not disturbed by ‘all of our staff’ focusing on the tender response and then playing catch up after the tender is submitted. It is always stressful when responding and trying to deal with the day to day business.

I especially like the round the clock service and the fact that we can send information in the evening and it is done flawlessly by morning.

We are extremely happy with the service we receive from Bidbuddy and have no hesitation recommending them and will certainly continue using them in future.
I’ve been submitting bids/tenders for over 15 years and believed they were very professional, up
there with the best. How wrong I was!! Time spent with Sue at BidBuddy certainly changed my whole approach and perception. Sue’s structured approach and focus on understanding and responding to what is important to the customer
lifted our submission to a whole new level. If you want to be up there with the best – this is where you need to be
I support some of the other comments - great course!  You've succeeded in opening
my thinking beyond my immediate business and to realise that everything everywhere is interconnected. I appreciate the massive effort you've put into this course - it will definitely stand out as one of the most thought-provoking
and interactive courses I've done (not to mention enjoyable).
Sue and BidBuddy has assisted us in finding
ways of expressing who we are, what we do and has added so much value to our ability to succeed through the succinct presentation of our abilities. Before Sue assisted us, we were not clearly presenting our abilities.
We wanted to respond to a Government Tender calling for our services. After reading the document it was evident that we had neither the skills nor the expertise to pull together a professional response that would showcase our offering and put us in good standing to win. It was a very important tender to our business and we wanted to put our best foot forward. We had the Subject Matter Expertise and the technical know how, what we lacked was the experience in having done something like this before.The timeframe was very tight and we had been advised that an extension was not going to be considered.

Sue and her team came highly recommended to us as experienced and knowledgable in the Government space. Sue met with us and crafted a plan of attack to get the content and create a template for us to follow. What we felt was important at this stage was her confidence in being able to deliver a quality document. Sue has a unique way of getting everybody on the same page and working hard till the final goal has been met. Needless to say, we met the deadline and produced an outstanding response that we believe
represents us perfectly. 

The highest recommendation you can give a person or company is to say that you would work with them again and tell others about
them. We feel that way about Sue and BidBuddy.
Ms Sue Findlay has been a close working colleague with my company now for more than three years working primarily on a very large construction project for one of the oil and gas industry majors.

Ms Findlay, through her business Bidbuddy, was successful in securing this contract for the client and on the basis of her reputation and performance on that work we engaged her services.

We have found that Ms Findlay's performance of all tasks set before her, in particular the financial and contract management of this project, has been exemplary. She has at all times performed her tasks efficiently and with the highest level of professionalism. Her organisational skills are excellent.

Ms Findlay has displayed loyalty and discretion in dealing with our company business. She has a wide range of skills ranging from preparation of tenders and bid responses for new contracts to contract administration and budgetary management.

I would have no hesitation in continuing to use the services of Bidbuddy and Ms Findlay on future projects and highly recommended to other clients.
If you've tried the rest, time to use the best!

Our Blog

read. understand. learn. do.

We do things differently - our job is to understand your business so that we make it look great.

We aren’t just technical or copywriters, we are business and management consultants as well.
We can help you look the part by preparing those difficult supporting documents as part of the service.


Did you know we can work with you from anywhere?
We assign you a primary contact but we can give you round-the-clock service.
Perfect for meeting tight deadlines!


From the minute you engage us, to the end of the process - we are with you the entire way. If you need help fielding questions or presentation, it's all part of the service.

Try THESE Resources

Calculators and Guides to help you with your decision-making process.

Be Ready

Want to start submitting bids and responding to requests for proposals and tenders but don't know where to begin?

Download this free checklist to focus your effort and save you time and money. 

BidBuddy Worksheet: "Get Ready For Your Next Tender"
This Worksheet gives a detailed list of the list of items and documents you will need before starting a tender response. Great resource to have by your side when you're starting the process.
Difficulty:    (Easy)
Price: Free
Download Worksheet 

Bid / No Bid Calculator

Do you want to know if you have a shot at winning?

Bidding for work is a time-consuming and expensive process, and the bid/no bid decision should only be made after a careful assessment of the opportunity and your company's capabilities.
When completing this calculator select the most applicable or the answer closest to your situation.

The Original Bid/No Bid Calculator by BidBuddy
Estimated Time: 5-7 minutes
Price: Free
Start Calculator
The Fine Print: Any result presented by this Calculator is for information purposes only, based on a calculation of risk and reward. BidBuddy takes no responsibility for the outcome if this figure is adopted.

Privacy: We hate spam, spammers and spamming as much as you do. We will never use, misuse or abuse your email address, including using it to fill your inbox with crap every day, or selling it.

Win Probability Calculator

Don't make the mistake of pursuing opportunities with a low probability of success.

If you are truly ready to submit this tender then your chances of winning will be high.  Being "ready" requires more than knowing about the opportunity and having all the documents in place.

At the very least, this tool will give you a detailed assessment of what you need to do moving forward.Answer all questions, being totally honest. At the end, based on your answers, we will give you an insight into your chances of success, the strategic importance of the opportunity to your company, and a risk rating.If you would like more detailed information, provide your email address and submit the form to receive a full report.

The Original Win Probability Calculator by BidBuddy
Estimated Time: 7-10 minutes
Price: Free
Start Calculator
The Fine Print: The results presented by this calculator are for information purposes only and provide responses based on choices made.  We can not guarantee the outcome presented, and cannot be held liable for any any actions made based on the result.

Privacy: We hate spam, spammers and spamming as much as you do. We will never use, misuse or abuse your email address, including filling your inbox daily with crap, or selling it.

Bid Budget Calculator

Don't know how much to budget when you complete a tender?  
Try our free, confidential Bid Budget calculator.

The results may shock you when you compare it to what you actually spend! Too many companies submit tender responses at a loss, even if they win.

The Original Bid Budget Calculator by BidBuddy
Estimated Time: 5-7 minutes
Price: Free
Start Calculator
The Fine Print: The value presented by this Calculator is for information purposes only. BidBuddy takes no responsibility for the outcome if this figure is adopted.

Privacy: We hate spam, spammers and spamming as much as you do. We will never use, misuse or abuse your email address, including filling your inbox daily with crap, or selling it.

Practical Tendering Tools by BidBuddy

Microsoft Word Templates for Tenders

A good template can save you time and help you make your tender document look great.

A bad template is buggy, full of style conflicts, and will cause you grief as you struggle to make your document just look ok.

Don’t just get a good template from here, get a great template!

Sample Tender Answers

Knowing what a question means and what is being looked for is invaluable if you are trying to put together a credible and competent response to a Response For Pricing or Response For Tender.

There is a “formula” to the information that is being requested.

These sample answers will save you valuable time and help you provide the response in the right way.


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